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Healthy And Happy Mind: Simple, Practical and Interesting Insight By Leena Kapadia


Leena Kapadia


A broad empirical field of positive psychology has done research in recent years to focus on how happiness can be sustained and increased.

Your Happiness level affects your Productivity, Success, Relationship, Health and all the other aspects of life.

The research proves that happiness is possible through intentional habit changes, more than circumstantial changes.

pie chart. happiness is 40%attitude, 10% circumstances, 50%genetics

The aim of Psychology, religion and philosophy is to make the person lead happy and healthy life.

Happy mind is a healthy mind.

I am a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Child Counsellor and hypnotherapist. Psychology is my subject of study.

From childhood, I have a philosophical bent of mind. To satisfy the inquisitive mind, I devoured books on Eastern and Western Philosophy.

As a counsellor who has worked with the children, young adults and their families, the purpose of my blog is two fold:

  1. Self -Improvement For Adults -to share my insights into small, doable steps to bring personal improvement; little by little, every day, in all the aspects of a person’s life to become stronger, resilient and happier person.
  2. Teaching Life Lessons to children. Whether you are a parent, teacher or a counsellor, you can find activities to help children.  Teaching Life skill lessons to children is essential.
    You are welcome to share your experiences, thoughts and comments or write guest blog.

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  1. Tejal Karia

    Hello Leena … I would like to read your blogs regularly .

  2. welcome Tejal. Glad you like the topics and my style of writing. Follow so that you get mail when i publish new article. otherwise in this hectic life, we forget or postpone to do things that give us happiness. Good luck!

  3. Arti

    Hello Ma’am, I enjoyed reading your articles so much of insight. Thanks it definitely helps. Would love to be connected.

  4. John M Devasia .

    Happy to follow you to share&learn from your experiences& experiments of life.Our working together for a short span had helped me to know about your soft&smiling approach to problems of life. Would definitely like to follow you.

  5. Thank you sir. Nice to know you are following my blog. it was pleasure working with you. Leena

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