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This page has games and books I have personally used and found useful. I wish more and more family switch off their T.V. , and use that time to play games or read books together.

Following games are fun, increases IQ and mental agility.

SET: The Family Game of Visual PerceptionThis is the Winner of over 35 Best Game Awards including the best game of the year and prestigious Mensa award, the high IQ society.

The game is played in gifted classes in U.S.T he objective of the game is to identify a ‘set’ of three cards from from 12 cards laid out on table on the basis of symbols,colors,numbers and shading.

It is a quick game and really needs concentration and sharpness. It is also lot of fun to play. So, go ahead and have fun as a family.


Deluxe Blokus Game – This is another brain building fun game.

Melissa & Doug Wild Animals 4-in-1 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles in a Storage Box (48 pcs) – This is the best puzzle I have found to use with four and above kids. puzzle is the best game to increase concentration.


All of us have played with building blocks and mikado  to increase concentration. You can usePeacock Senior Architect and Birthdaygiftwala Mikado Speil


In India I have found Bubbles’ First Storybooks really very useful to teach behavior. They cost 50 Rs. each.

Two very helpful books for Teenagers that I personally like. (Must For School And College Libraries)


The knowledge of Brief Counselling Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy will help you solve most problems with the children. These two are excellent books to learn these therapies. Must for counselors and teachers.


Two inspiring books


Three more books I like

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