There are few forms for the counselors.

  •  child-intake-form This is a form that parents can fill up when they visit the counselor for the first time.
  •  teacher’s referral form. This is a simple form the teacher can fill up to recommend the child.
  •  Counselling Program Evaluation Form. I made parents as well as teachers fill up this form before and after counselling. This helped me demonstrate that the child’s behavior had improved.
  • This is a good feedback form that allows clients to give feedback for your counselling skills. It is useful for two reasons.
  • To understand your strengths and limitations.
  • Submitting report to your institute or boss if you are dealing with adults.
  • form for Learning Disability Test. As a counselor working with the children, you may come across children with learning disability. These children get many benefits.They need the certificate from the government hospitals to avail the benefits that is provided to them. Fill up this certificate to recommend a child from your school for the test.