Sometimes you feel that this behavior doesn’t augur well with the character of this person. This behavior can only be his mistake. It cannot be his nature. A mistake committed by him out of confusion or maybe he felt lost at the time.

That is how I felt looking at the innocent face of 10 years old Akash when I had met him for the first time. He was clean and neatly dressed. It was obvious that he belonged to a loving family. I was told that the family was scattered now.

Akash’s parents had met with an accident and died instantly. They had left behind four children.

Akash was second among the siblings. Since the family was not well to do and his relatives couldn’t afford to look after them, the children were sent to various charity hostels and put in the government aided school.

That is where I had met him. I was a counselor in the school.

Akash was sent to me because instead of writing answers in the test, he had written language with sexual connotations and the choicest curses.

He answered all my questions with a straight face. He didn’t write answers because he didn’t know them. All the boys in the hostel talked and used the language that he had written. With the glimpse in his eyes he added that his father dreamt that he would be a doctor and he wanted to be one.

I felt hopeful. Desire leads to motivation. He had a desire to fulfill his father’s dream. That gave me hopes.

The child started coming to me twice a week. He was good at studies. He was keen to study because he was sure that he wanted to be doctor. The problem was his surroundings. It disturbed him.

What helped him was a very simple technique of visualization. Every morning, first thing he did after waking up was standing in front of the mirror. He visualized himself as a doctor.

This mental rehearsal helped him focus on the aim in his life. In due course of time, his mannerisms changed. He felt confident. He became oblivious to his surroundings. His focus was on studies.

He scored good marks in his next test.

This reaffirmed my belief in visualization as a powerful technique.

We have read about the law of attraction. We have also read about how sportsmen visualize their performance before setting out to play.

Visualizing positive things before going to sleep or waking up is very powerful technique to bring in good things in life.

That is the reason why we pray early in the morning. Use it to your benefit.