Depression is a well- researched subject. Some attitudes and mind habits like chronic worries are red alert warning signs that the person may become depress.

Worry has a Physiological as well as Psychological effects. It causes sleep disorder, appetite loss, tightens the muscles. The stress can cause illnesses like diabetes.

Worries are always about future possibilities. The person envisions the problem and tries to find the solution. This is the origin of the process of worrying.
Following ten self-talk will help you to stop worrying.

worrying is a thought in mind and not a fact

  1. When mind starts worrying, Remind yourself that it is just a thought. It is not a fact.

    By worrying i am creating reality that doesn't exist

But it can become a fact because by worrying I am creating a situation that doesn’t exist. The thought can become reality.

Mind produces thoughts. Observe and stop negative thoughts.

  1. Say – I will have the same intellect, same solution finding capabilities. so, I will cross the bridge when I come to it. I will find solution when problem actually occurs.
  2. Remind yourself – When one door closes, another door opens. In reality, it is true. The solution always precedes the problem.
  3. Ask this question – how do I know that that is how the situation will turn out? For example, how do I know that I will lose my job? Or that my child will not do well?
  4. Try to change the things that you can about the feared situation because that will change the things outside your influence. This is known as circle of control.

For example, encourage and help your child which in turn will help him do well rather than worrying about him.

  1. Reality is never as bad as fears. Fears are imaginary. They are scary.

7. Say – I am the creator of my future, by doing good karma and leading good life, I am creating better future for myself

self talk for worried mind



  1. Distract your mind when it starts worrying. Go for a movie. Hobbies help too. Writing eases worries and anxieties.


  1. Surrender to God. Prayers, mantra also help in stopping the worries.
  2.  Think – talk to friend to stop worrying